New Ordering Catalog

The first edition of Orion’s newest catalog showcasing some of its newest equipment and materials hit the streets in October last year. Attractive pricing and premium service options have made our new REELpak® Counter popular. Underway is an extensive revision to the company’s well known FAX Order Form for Taping Services. The newest version will have simplified categories and fewer conditions to worry about. These two new documents and our REELpak® Guides round out an extensive array of informative and technical information available to you in print and on-line. 150 Visits (hits) to the REELPAGE® Web Site Email accounts and web pages are becoming the norm at Orion Tape & Reel. The company is well versed in the latest on-line technologies and remains committed to providing service to our customers in innovative ways. By accessing our web site at: you can take full advantage of the many technical pages offered to make doing business with Orion Tape & Reel a breeze.

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