REELWrap Splicing Tape

REELWrap continuous splicing tape is flat stock, without pockets, but does have sprocket holes, and is heat-sealed with cover tape.  You can safely splice this to your existing carriers in order to ship custom quantities of product.  See below for ordering information.

OX3B27753 24mm REELWrap Picture

REX Carrier Tapes
OX3_PN Pocket_Description
OX327752 Carrier REELWrap 08mm 400mpr Heat-sealed
OX328727 Carrier REELWrap 12mm 400mpr Heat-sealed
OX328728 Carrier REELWrap 16mm 400mpr Heat-sealed
OX327753 Carrier REELWrap 24mm 400mpr Heat-sealed
OX327754 Carrier REELWrap 32mm 400mpr Heat-sealed
OX328730 Carrier REELWrap 44mm 400mpr Heat-sealed
OX328729 Carrier REELWrap 56mm 400mpr Heat-sealed

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