The Difficulty with Connectors


A Tier-1 defense contractor recently came to OX3 with a requirement to package an assortment of connectors into carrier tapes using Kapton pads. The challenges faced by our client were threefold: Obtain new connectors; Procure them with Kapton pads; Receive them in carrier tape from the original component manufacturer. was able to overcome all three obstacles.

Kapton is a sheet material developed by DuPont with admirable heat characteristics enabling its use in printed circuit board assembly. It is also rigid and can reliably hold an adhesive backing. For all of these reasons, it is the ideal solution for odd-form electronic devices that require placement on a PC Board. Connectors are notorious for their odd shapes and sizes and lack of flat surfaces that are typical for most other semiconductors. Placing a pad on top enables these to be vertically lifted and mounted. OX3 was able to manufacture tooling for custom-shaped carrier within one week.