Formula 39 Double-sided Cover Tape

KK1 series cover tape_1OX3’s Formula 39 PSA Cover Tape.

Featuring double-sided adhesive with antistatic properties on both the top and bottom sides of the tape, OX3’s Formula 39 PSA Cover Tape gives a double layer of static protection. This pressure-sensitive adhesive, (PSA), cover is sold in widths from 08mm up to 56mm and is available to order. Each roll contains 200 meters.

OX3’s Formula 39 Cover Tape can be used with both polycarbonate and polystyrene carrier tapes. Most antistatic cover tapes have an inner layer of protection against static but the outer layer is merely insulating (does not conduct electricity and therefore builds up a static charge) because in normal operations this layer does not come into contact with the components. For operations where small strips of carrier tape are cut and hand-placed at ESD handling stations, splicing is involved and the tape is unrolled by hand very near to the components. The outer insulating layer runs the risk of carrying a static charge very near to the semiconductors. The static charge that builds up on the top side of most other cover tapes can be significant. With OX3’s Formula 39 Cover Tape, there is an antistatic layer on both the top (outside) and bottom (inside) planes of the tape.

Few avenues exist for the supply of this custom cover tape around the globe but OX3 offers its Formula 39 to order at all times without high minimums or long lead-times. Current shelf-life is recommended at one year but we are working to extend this length of time.

The S/R is <10^8 to 10^10 ohms/sq. on the upper and back side. The glue width ranges from 1.20mm to 1.50mm. This new formulation is ideal for bench-top applications where assemblers are working to splice leaders and trailers manually. It provides an extra level of static protection. For ordering, see the following Table.

Formula 39 Cover Tape
OX3_PN Double-layer PSA Cover Tape
OX3V3908T 08mm 200mpr
OX3V3912T 12mm 200mpr
OX3V3916T 16mm 200mpr
OX3V3924T 24mm 200mpr
OX3V3932T 32mm 200mpr
OX3V3944T 44mm 200mpr
OX3V3956T 56mm 200mpr

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