Cover Tape Extender Strips

OX3 announces its new Formula-55 Dual-side ESD-protection Cover Tape Extenders.

These are used with semiconductors when a longer leader, or a protective wrap, is required for full or partial take-up reels. These extender strips have peel-back adhesive tabs, and exhibit static readings of 10^5 on the bottom side; 10^7 on the top side. Each strip measures 396mm in length,(345mm without the tab). They work with both polystyrene or polycarbonate carriers, and on either paper or plastic, punched or formed pockets.

  1. OX3V5508T, for 08mm in boxes of 500 strips.
  2. OX3V5512T, for 12mm in boxes of 500 strips.
  3. OX3V5516T, for 16mm in boxes of 500 strips.
  4. OX3V5524T, for 24mm in boxes of 250 strips.
  5. OX3V5532T, for 32mm in boxes of 250 strips.

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