OX3’s New HQ in 2020

200710 Kilbourn Place - Main St Elev crop

We would like to introduce you to Kilbourn Place, a retail development that will fit within the walls of the former Donelan’s Market at No. 240 Main Street, Groton, MA.  We signed a Purchase & Sale Agreement for the property on February 20th and took possession of the deed on July 9th from its current owners.  We plan to keep the single-story building for our offices and three or four other retail tenants.  We have heard that there was a large flat plywood cut-out of a Colonial Minuteman on the face of the old building in the early Sixties.  If any of you has a photograph of that, we would love to see it, along with any other historical photographs.

People come to Groton for many reasons including excellent schools, (private and public), miles of walking trails, protected forests, fine dining, its glorious new hotel, and soon the sweet sound of music at the new Indian Hill Music complex!  We love Groton for the Town’s long and rich history.  We looked to that history to provide both the design and the name of this renovation.  In 1907, Dr. Arthur G. Kilbourn founded the former Groton Hospital on this site.  We hope that Kilbourn Place will make a fine addition to the town.

Our early hope is to find a specialty grocer, a boutique women’s clothing shop, a bank ATM, or a café / caterer.  In the space that remains – perhaps 3,200 of the total 11,700 square feet – We plan to move OX3’s international trading office that brokers imports for the world’s semiconductor markets.  We trade with faraway countries such as Korea, Germany, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Holland and the United Kingdom.  On a weekly basis, buyers visit us from Raytheon Company, BAE Systems, and Lockheed Corporation, some of whom drive down Main Street to get to work in the morning.  Our imports have found their way into rockets for Space-X and headphones for Bose Corporation.  Readers can read more about my business at http://www.ox3.com.

We set a timeline to have this project started by October 2020.  In order to achieve that deadline, we have assembled a cracker-jack team of A-List professionals to assist us in this project.