OX3’s New HQ in 2020

SCENE 2 PODIUM - LoResWe would like to introduce you to Kilbourn Place, a retail development that will fit within the walls of the former Donelan’s Market at No. 240 Main Street, Groton, MA.  We signed a Purchase & Sale Agreement for the property on February 20th and are scheduled to take possession of the deed on June 19th from its current owners.  Historical owners include storied Groton family names such as Buckingham, Comninos, Kilbourn, Shattuck, Shumway and Moors.  We plan to keep the single-story building and add a small 800-square foot mezzanine for our private offices upstairs behind the windows of the Greek Revival façade.  We hope to keep good time on this renovation and will add a large clock mounted under the gabled roof to mark our love of history and the march of time.  You will be able to set your watches by the new “Kilbourn Clock.”  To that effort, we are consulting with the country’s premier historic clock dealer, Delaney’s of Townsend, Massachusetts.  We have heard that there was a large flat wooden cut-out of a Colonial Minuteman on the face of the old building in the early Sixties.  If any of you has a photograph of that, we would love to see it, along with any other historical photographs.

People come to Groton for many reasons including excellent schools, (private and public), miles of walking trails, protected forests, fine dining, its glorious new hotel, and soon the sweet sound of music at the new Indian Hill Music complex!  We love Groton for the Town’s long and rich history.  We looked to that history to provide both the design and the name of this renovation.  In 1907, Dr. Arthur G. Kilbourn founded the former Groton Hospital on this site in a house that was the inspiration for its new design.  We hope that Kilbourn Place will make a fine addition to the town.

The plan for this building, when renovated, will be neo-classical with four large white columns out front to match the former Kilbourn Hospital.  Inside, the space will be demised into five separate bays.  We expect retail tenants will fill four of the spaces with services that are important to the people of Groton.  Our early hope is to find a specialty grocer, a boutique women’s clothing shop, a bank ATM, and a café / caterer.  In the space that remains – perhaps 3,200 of the total 12,300 square feet – We plan to move OX3’s international trading office that brokers imports for the world’s semiconductor markets.  We trade with faraway countries such as Korea, Germany, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Holland and the United Kingdom.  On a weekly basis, buyers visit us from Raytheon Company, BAE Systems, and Lockheed Corporation, some of whom drive down Main Street to get to work in the morning.  Our imports have found their way into rockets for Space-X and headphones for Bose Corporation.  Readers can read more about my business at http://www.ox3.com.

We set a timeline to have this project completed by Christmas 2019.  In order to achieve that deadline, we have assembled a cracker-jack team of A-List professionals to assist us in this project.  The venerable Robert L. Collins, Esq. is instrumental in helping the team navigate its way through various town boards.  If this construction project were a long, dark, labyrinthine cave, Bob Collins would be the torch that lights our way.  Stanley Dillis, P.L.S. of Ducharme & Dillis will assist with the Site Plan and civil engineering.  Construction will be handled by David Masiello whose father Ralph, back in 1986, built the Widmayer’s business headquarters at Orion Park in Ayer, Mass.  David will be working to plans and designs developed by Daniel R. Quaile, AIA of Lincoln Architects, the firm that has been instrumental in many renovation projects in Groton such as the former fire station, the former Sacred Heart Church, three buildings at Lawrence Academy, and the former Hollingsworth home on Main Street, among others.  Main Street Bank is providing financing and we have asked OMNI Properties to market the units to prospective tenants.  Several more people will have a hand in bringing this project to fruition and completion such as accountants, insurance agents, and environmental inspectors.  The input from many volunteers on Groton’s town boards will prove invaluable.  There is a lot of responsibility to go around and each of these folks is well prepared to assist.  Perhaps nobody however will have more responsibility than the elementary and middle school students of Groton whenever they walk past on half-day Fridays.  It will be their job to make certain that the Kilbourn Clock is keeping good time.

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