Keeping Up With Tech

Reelpak Exchange

Keeping up with Tech

Any app is only as good as the data behind it and the quality of its interface. OX3 focuses on maintaining and regularly updating its large store of packaging materials for semiconductors. We have effective controls in place to ensure that our staff can access that information quickly and successfully by keeping up with technology. For us, this means buying the latest and greatest CRM, O365, Enterprise and Adobe upgrades, even assessing Beta releases when prudent.

Reelpak Exchange System® Finds Materials.

Since 1991, OX3 has been developing an in-house business app called the Reelpak Exchange System®. It helps us to match client needs for packaging electronics with supplier materials. The first of its kind, our materials database aligns the needs of OCM (Original Component Manufacturers) with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers), often through the ECM (Electronics Contract Manufacturer).