Here is a listing of the most common components in the realm of surface-mounted devices:

BGA‘s come in the many following different configurations.

  • CBGA, (Ceramic Ball Grid Array). The thickness and depth are maximum dimensions. The solder balls are made of a high melt non-eutectic composition (10% Sn/ 90% Pb).
  • DSBGA, (Die Size Ball Grid Array). DSBGA is a type of BGA package where the body size is defined to coincide as closely as possible with a specific die size. These packages are sometimes called CSP packages. The solder balls consist of eutectic lead/ tin solder.
  • eBGA, (Plastic Enhanced BGA).  This is a wire bonded, cavity-down package.
  • FBGA, (Fine Line or Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array). These are BGA packages with grid pitches less than 1.0 mm. These devices use Flip-Chip interconnect technology and are sometimes called Chip Scale Packages. The solder balls typically consist of Eutectic lead/tin solder.
  • FCBGA, (Flip Chip Ball Grid Array).  These also come in micro-FCBGA packages.
  • MBGA, (Micro Fine Line BGA).
  • PBGA, (Plastic Ball Grid Array Packages).  These come in rectangular (R-PBGA-B) and square (S-PBGA-B) styles. Maximum depth is 3.50 mm. The ball matrix is represented within the parentheses.
  • TBGA, (Tape Ball Grid Array). TBGA packages are made from strips of Polyamide tape. A metal plate “stiffener” is incorporated on top of the package for added strength. The nominal solder ball diameter for high melt solder balls is 0.63 mm and 0.60mm for low melt.
  • UBGA, (Ultra Fine Line BGA).

CCGA – Ceramic Column Grid Array, Rectangular and Square Max. depth is 7.40mm. The column matrix is represented in the parentheses. Nominal solder column diameter is 0.55mm for 1.50 and 1.27mm pitches, and is 0.51mm for 1.00mm pitch.
CERDIP – This CDIP is dry pressed ceramic hermetically sealed around a dip formed lead frame.
CERQUAD – Ceramic Quad Package. They comes into lead forms: Gull Wing (Quad Flat pack package) and “J” Lead (PQCC package)
Chips – The chips could be either Resistors or Capacitors, (tantalum or ceramic)
CLCC – Ceramic Leadless Chip Carrier
Connectors – Receptacles are “female,” and Headers are “male.”
COF – Chip on Flex.
CPGA – Ceramic Pin Grid Array
CSOJ – Small Outline J-Lead Ceramic Family
DFN – Dual Flat No Lead Package, (DFN)-Very Thin (HP-VFDFP-N, Body Thickness-1.0 mm) and Very Very Thin (HP-WFDFP-N, Body-0.8 mm). These are also sometimes called Micro Lead frame Dual (MLPD) packages. Rectangular packages could be either Type 1 or 2 styles.
DIP – Dual In-line Package
D-Pak – Diode (Surface Mount Package)
DQFN – Dual Compatible Thermally Enhanced Plastic Very Thin and Very Very Thin Fine Pitch Quad Flat No Lead Package Families. It is essentially a QFN package, with only two leads each on shorter edges.
FET – Field Effect Transistor, (aka Disk Button)
Flat pack – JEDEC Package Designator: R-GDFP-F.
GDIP – Glass Dual In-Line Package
Heat sink – A metal device utilized to extract and dissipate heat.
HSSOP – Heat Slug Small Outline Package.
KDIP – Skinny Dual In-Line Package
LCC – Leadless Chip Carrier: There are four types of LCCs based on terminals and their locations: A, B, C, and D. The type is indicated in the device name in parentheses. The commonly used LCC is the “C” kind.
LDCC – Leaded Chip Carrier
LGA – Land Grid Arrays
LLCC – Leadless Chip Carrier, [See: LCC].
LSOJ – Low Profile Small Outline J-lead Package (LSOJ). JEDEC Designation: PRSO-J/LSOJ. Max. Depth is 2.05 mm
LTCC – Low-temperature co-fired ceramic MCM
MSOP – Micro SOIC Packages. The body width is indicated in the parentheses. MSOP-08 (2.30) is also sometimes known as TSOP2-08 (2.30) package.
Odd-Form – Odd-Form Devices
Oscillator – A circuit or device that produces an alternating current of a specific frequency at its output terminals.
PDIP – Plastic Dual In-line Package
PFP – Plastic Flat packs
PGA – Pin Grid Arrays
PKDIP – Plastic Skinny Dual In-line Package
PLCC – Plastic Lateral Chip Carrier, (sometimes PQCC).  The standard lead pitch on each is 1.27 mm.
QFP – Quad Flat pack, a package with leads on all four sides.  It can be ceramic, metal or plastic; bumpered.  Devices are named for their body width, length, and thickness, (none includes leads), followed by their lead pitch and version, if applicable.
QFN – Quad Flat No Lead Packages (QFN) or VQFN Very Thin, or Micro Lead frame Quad (MLPQ)-Very Thin (HP-VQFP-N, Thickness-1.0 mm), Very Very Thin (HP-WFQFP-N,-Thickness-0.8 mm), Ultra-Thin-0.65, Extremely Thin-0.5mm)
QSOP – Quarter-size Small Outline Package, [See: SSOP]. The body width is indicated in the parentheses.
QVSOP – Quarter-size Very Small Outline Package.
SKSJ – Socket for SOJ
SMC‘s – Super Miniature Case Rectifiers. These are two leaded C-bend devices. They are primarily used in Diode and Rectifier applications. JEDEC designator: R-PDSO-C2
SMCGs – Super Miniature Case Rectifiers. These are essentially SMCs, but with gull wings as opposed C-bend leads. They are primarily used in Diode and Rectifier applications. JEDEC designator: R-PDSO-G2
SOD – Small Outline Diodes
SIP – Single In-line Package
SKPQ – Socket for PQCC
SOIC – Small Outline Integrated Circuit. SOIC-08 (5.30) and SOIC-16 (4.57) are not JEDEC approved package styles, but nonetheless are commonly used.
SQFN – Plastic Quad No-Lead Staggered Multi-Row Packages. JEDEC Designator-HP-WFQFP-N & HP-UFQFP-N. They come in three styles: 2-row without ring, 2-row with ring, and 3-row without ring. The number of leads are maximum leads; depopulation is allowed.
SOT – Small Outline Transistor. SOT-143 has multiple pitches: 1.92 & 1.72 mm. Leads go to the right on SOT-089 and down on SOT-223
SSOP – Shrink Small Outline Package. The body width is indicated in the parentheses. [Note: SSOP-36 (5.3) is not a JEDEC approved package style, but nonetheless is commonly used].
TAB – Tape Automated Bonding. Replaced by TCP.
TCP – Tape Carrier Package. Replaced by COF.
Through-Hole (Axial) – Through hole Devices: Axial Technology. Devices with body diameter less than 5 mm classify as “Axial B = 53”, body diameter greater than 5mm, but less than 10mm classify as “Axial B = 63”. All others, “Axial B = 73”
Through-Hole (Radial) – Through hole Devices: Radial Technology.
TQFN – Thermally Enhanced Plastic Thin Fine Pitch Quad Flat No Lead Package. This is a QFN device, with double row of leads in some cases. The fourth character after the “/” in the JEDEC designator field denotes the #of rows: A – Single Row & B- Double Row
TSOJ – Thin Small Outline J-Lead (TSOJ) Package. The depth and body thickness are maximum dimensions, whereas the others are nominal dimensions.
TSOP1 – Thin Small Outline Pkg. 1.0mm Thick, Type 1 has leads extending from the top & bottom ends. The body width is indicated after the “/” in the device name.
TSOP2 – Thin Small Outline Pkg. 1.0mm Thick, Type II leads extend from the sides, much like an SOIC. Multiple lead types, (like -40/44), have leads missing from the center on each side.
Transistor – Transistors, (TO-220, T-550, Etc.)
TSSOP – Thin Shrink Small Outline Package, These Devices are 1.0mm Thick. The body width is indicated in the parentheses.
TFSON – Plastic Thin Shrink Fine Pitch Small Outline No Lead Package. These are essentially TSSOP packages without leads.
USON – Ultra-Thin Small Outline No-Lead Package. JEDEC-30 Designator: R-PDSO-N
Crystal – Crystal is a generic term used in place of the more complete expression “piezoelectric quartz crystal unit.”
Zip – Zip-Zag In-line package.  Similar to a SIP, but the leads are in a zip-zag configuration