OX3 wins contract for mechanical steel pins.
OX3 President Gus G. Widmayer announced this morning that his company has won a contract for the packaging of 3.3 million mechanical steel pins that will make their way every year into BMW automobiles and Harley Davidson motorcycles.  The contract is valued annually at $100,000.
Widmayer credits the win to his company’s superior control over materials planning and accurate cost accounting.  The contract bodes well for a renewed focus on hiring in the local job market.  The steel pins processed by OX3 will become incorporated into a DC power supply designed for either harsh or strenuous environments.  Since 1972, OX3 Corporation has been a U.S.-based industrial supply wholesaler of packaging for electronics. The company sells disposable plastics materials such as tapes, trays, and reels used in the storage, transport and automated handling of microelectronic devices. OX3 engages in stocking distribution, import, export and related value-added services for clients globally.  Customers all around the world recognize that at OX3, We move electronics to the next level®.