The OX3 brand stands for value added to semiconductors. is now a “digital-first company” and will operate with its computing requirements entirely in the cloud.  Beginning on July 1, 2018, the company’s digital ecosystem incorporated a new ERP system as the final piece required to complete implementation of a strategy we began three years ago.  In May of this year, we began training on Microsoft’s new Dynamics-365 “Business Central” software to complement our Windows-10 with Office-365 environment, Microsoft CRM, SharePoint, Skype, and OneDrive for backups. We are now effectively an entirely digital office making us more nimble, responsive, and productive. The company operated successfully using Microsoft’s Dynamics Great Plains software since 2003 with on-premise servers for networking, Sequel, and Web. These legacy pieces will remain in place for reporting, compliance, and archival purposes. We also take advantage of the full suite of Adobe products through that provider’s Creative Cloud application. When everything works and integrates together, it’s a beautiful thing.  Future considerations will include the many digital touchpoints, such as cell phone apps, discount programs, and our blog in order to strengthen an already deep engagement with our clients.