Once again, this year — and for the next three years — OX3 has been certified to conform to best practices in the provision of products, processes and services related to the automated handling, storage, protection and transport of printed circuit board components. This new registration will remain in force until its Expiry Date of 04/16/2024. OX3 has been registered to ISO9001 since 2001. Some important milestones in this recertification audit include:

Related to the Pandemic, the Organization remained opened per the Department of Defense Policies as an Essential Business supplying Raytheon with Critical Components.

Mature QMS, Customer-owned with Strong Leadership and tenured Personnel.

Continued Cross-Training and Personnel Development with delegation of Responsibilities as possible.

Leadership continues to be committed to Sustainability and Improvement.

Customer Satisfaction INPUTS in the form of both Negative (Documented as CARs) and Positive Feedback (Documented as Email Communication confirmed a mature QMS for Root Cause Analysis generating Action Plans to prevent recurrence).

Customer Satisfaction was evident by the Email Communications that confirmed more than compliance with the OUTPUTS but with a positive approval of the Personnel and OX3’s “Excellent Service”.

Business volume has increased and Customer Satisfaction sustained.

Increased Internal Maintenance was noted with the contracted Services of Consulting Services that performed a thorough Audit with no NCRs; just Observations.

The President acts also as HR Manager and sets Policies with Line Personnel who have decades of Employment.

Overall improved Internal Maintenance and External handling of Customer Issues was noted improved and compliant during the Sampling with no NCRs documented beyond Opportunities documented and discussed.