Low-Noise High-Speed JFET-Input Op Amps.

OX3 can supply semiconductors in addition to packaging them.

One of our high-profile consumer electronics clients utilizes a JFET-input operational amplifier from Texas Instruments with double the bandwidth and triple the slew rate of traditional BiFET operational amplifiers. This device improves noise-sensitive circuits, increases the dynamic signal range, and provides greater accuracy in dc-coupled applications. Our customer has tasked OX3 with purchasing the device, which is challenging given the 90-week lead-time on availability. We carefully scour the web for stock, including alternates. Buying the device already on tape and reel would only increase the lead-time from T.I.

These devices are better suited for interfacing with high-impedance sensors or very low-level ac signals. They also feature inherently better ac response than bipolar or CMOS devices having comparable power consumption. The TLE207x family of BiFET amplifiers are Texas Instruments highest performance BiFETs, with tighter input offset voltage and ensured maximum noise specifications. Designers requiring less stringent specifications but seeking the improved ac characteristics of the TLE207x consider the TLE208x operational amplifier family.

Let us guide you towards the perfect fit for your needs, balancing performance and specifications with utmost finesse. If you have a unique packaging application, feel free to drop us an email with your requirements, and we will help you obtain the packaging in a speedy manner and provide a personalized service.
Low-Noise High-Speed JFET-Input Op Amps.

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