OX3’s Address
31 MacArthur Avenue, Devens, MA  01434-4443
Media Contact:
Gus Widmayer, President, (978) 772-2600, Ext. 9700,
Corporate Origins: was founded in 1972 as Orion Partners to perform small sub-assemblies.  The organization was incorporated in 1973 as Indus-Orion Corporation. It underwent a name change in 1980 to Orion Industries Incorporated. In 1991, the semiconductor services division was spun off as a standalone company known as Orion Electronics Corporation, in a management buyout, with a dba of Orion Tape and Reel. In 2000, the name was changed to OX3 Corporation.
Corporate Mission:
To become the supplier of choice in the Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test Services, (OSATS) sector of the semiconductor markets.  This is also referred to as the Value-added Services sector of the Automated Component Handling industry. The company trades in international markets for the packages that enable IC’s and semiconductors to be used in automated pick and place equipment, which is the predominant method employed today in the assembly of printed circuit boards.
Primary Services:
Import/Export, Taping and reeling, Baking, Programming, Parts Purchase, De-taping Services, Electrical Screen, Stocking, Sorting, Part Marking, Kapton® Pads, Kapton® Application, passive chips, and the distribution of the materials required for same.
Primary Market And Size:
The Electronics Industry, $35 Billion for packaging semiconductors on tape and reel, (not including OEM in-house operations).
Product Development:
Packaging methods have evolved in three stages. Begun in 1960, axial lead components were placed between two tapes. In 1970’s, radial lead components were placed on a single tape. In 1980’s, surface mount components were placed in pocketed tapes. Currently, these carrier tapes still reign, only the products being packaged are smaller, like 0202 chips, or sturdier, like BGA’s, or more differentiated, like CSP’s.
Domestic Sales and Service:
The company utilizes one central corporate sales and marketing team to canvas all territories.
Manufacturing Strategy:
Operations are set up to handle On-demand, Same-day, Next-day and Two-day delivery of services.

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