One and Done

By outsourcing your semiconductor packaging efforts to OX3, you're "one and done."  No freight nightmares. Fewer on-prem hours for employees.  No idle equipment.  No haggling with multiple carrier tape suppliers, foreign or domestic.

Is it time to outsource your taping and reeling requirements? Consider the fixed costs of maintaining an operation that you are not utilizing anywhere near to 100% capacity.

1. Full-time on-prem work comes with paychecks and benefits, every day, every week, every year. Shift some of that burden to remote duties and free up factory overhead.

2. Equipment is expensive and needs to be maintained – assuming it works when it's needed. Have you had to replace your heater bars again? Does the carrier tape your Purchasing Department ordered seal properly and load on your machines?

3. Supply chain issues continue to present challenges and constantly need to be monitored. What do you mean your order is waiting on a freighter stuck in the Suez Canal? OX3's global materials sourcing from countries such as China, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Great Britain, and Singapore provides customers with the finest semiconductor packaging products in a timely manner for the lowest price possible with duplication in the event of catastrophe.

4. Economic NEXUS Threshold - Do you have the confidence of knowing that a Nexus Study for sales tax risk assessment has been properly completed by your suppliers? These are typically triggered at 200 transactions or $100,000 in revenue based on each ship-to location. With OX3, tax management is part of the solution.

One and Done

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