Clients who look for ways to manage their electonic device inventories without resorting to new purchasing can rely on stock optimization by splicing.  Here at OX3, we follow these routine steps to parse our clients’ inventories into usable quantities.

We first receive the kit of reels in bags from our clients.  After opening the box and removing the reels from each bag, we proceed to make a copy of the old reel label to ensure lot/date code integrity.  Then we enter a Sales Order for each line and generate a Line Traveler to keep with the old label.

Once on the production floor, we bring each reel to the assigned assembly bench, remove the leader from the carrier tape and discard.  Load the reel onto a taping machine to reseal any loose cover tape back on to the carrier.  Cut away any damaged empty pockets.  Carry the reel over to the splicing station.

At the splicing operation, create “Reel Number One”, the “External Reel”, (final destination is client’s external facility).  Carefully, mount each reel onto the machine and splice on a new leader.  Spool onto a temporary reel.  Cut off the tape when the “External Reel” desired quantity is reached.  Splice on a new trailer.  Rewind onto a new finished reel and send to Labeling Station with the quantity listed as per worksheet, (MS-Excel worksheet is common).  Create “Reel Number Two”, the “Internal Reel”, (final destination is client’s in-house facility).  Splice a new leader onto the remaining original reel.  Spool onto a temporary reel.  Splice on a new trailer.  Rewind onto the Original client-supplied reel containing the original labels.  Verify remaining count.  Send to Labeling Station with quantity listed.  This should equal the difference between “Reel Qty Provided” and “Total Qty” on the Excel worksheet.

For Labeling, see OX3’s work instruction OX3.5WI-088, “Labeling Activity”.  Labeling should be identical on both reels using the existing labels as a template.  Each label will show: Receiver, Manufacturer, and Date/Lot Number.  Bag each reel in its own bag and vacuum seal.  Apply new label.

In Final Inspection, even if the line items have been counted and inspected prior to Labeling, the labels must be verified after Labeling Activity to ensure quantities are not switched.  When shipping, place all completed line items into their original (customer supplied) shipping carton.

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