Early on, we ascertained that just the sheer volume of electronic devices and the materials to package them is intimidating and confusing to the typical industrial buyer. We devoted countless hours in an effort to group component types into broad family headings, combine services into a small number of pricing classes, and publish a one-page pricing grid to make the purchasing decision easier and faster. That pricing grid is now known as our OX3 Rate Sheet. And our work is ongoing.
We achieved immeasurable success through our efforts in devising one convenient part numbering system for surface mount carrier tapes and services which to some extent has already become the de facto system for calling out material requisitions at some companies. This REELpak® numbering scheme has the ability to encompass all existing products available in the open marketplace and any new ones. This is the sort of service differentiation that sets OX3 apart from the competition. Other innovative examples are explained further on in this site. The key to our success will be to offer the same service, the same way, every time.
Sorting Information:
OX3’s President recalls once hearing a classroom lecture at Harvard University, which he sat in on, (even though he realized later that he was in the wrong classroom!). The professor fielded a question from a student in the room about what mankind would be like 2000 years into the future. The professor’s answer was: “We will not be so different that the transmutation would be indistinguishable from our current state, but rather that we will have become more specialized. In other words, we will not become monsters of science fiction, but may have fewer fingers, and better specialized toes.” Organization, or specialization, is what OX3 does with its sorting of information in the ACH market. We make carrier tapes easier to deal with and readily understandable to the Buyer or Engineer who is new to the field. We bring order to the chaos.
Systems Strength:
Our concept has been that the Company should rise, (and fall), on its collective merits and not those of any one or more individual “heroes.” In the long run, we are banking on a customer’s preference for feeling that it is the company that can handle his or her needs, and not just “a really good Account Rep.” The main way we maintain this overall systems strength is through duplication of services. This is alternately referred to in-house as our Fault-tolerance Program. Our intent is to create a back up and failsafe to each service we offer in order to assure that our customers’ orders will be fulfilled. This is even more critical with our REELquickTM SAME-day and NEXT-day guaranteed services. If one machine is down, there is another to take its place. If one key person is out, there is another trained in his or her specialty. That’s a strong system, indeed !