Pin receptacles (or anchors) are so varied and numerous that packaging for them is often difficult to find and typically custom-designed.  In this case, (OX3C00160), we received units in from a New York OEM on behalf of an upstate contract electronics manufacturer.  As usual, a search was first conducted on the width, length and depth of the device, (known as ABK in industry parlance).  When no packaging was found to fit, we proceeded to design a custom carrier tape.  This particular tool was fabricated in China with the raw stock shipped to our facility in Ayer, MA.  Orientation is important along with standardization of count-on-reel and labeling.  OX3 was able to coordinate the efforts of OEM, CEM, tooling house, freight-forwarder, customs, and in-house production to provide a seamless method for the transport and handling of these vertical pin receptacles.

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