Placement of 0402 Chip Resistors

OX3 routinely places 0402 chip resistors, (0.040" x 0.020"), onto tape and reel. This area of just 0.0008 square inches is quite small! It is fascinating to think about the world at such a tiny scale! The smallest object visible to the naked eye is approximately 0.004 inches, (100 micrometers or 0.1 millimeters). To put this into perspective: A single grain of sand is about 0.02 inches, (0.5 millimeters), so the smallest thing you can see is even tinier than that! Here are some objects that have an area measurement approximately equivalent to an 0402 chip resister:

  1. The head of a pin.
  2. A grain of sand.
  3. The eye of a needle.
  4. The cross-section of a human hair.
  5. The tip of a ballpoint pen.
  6. The smallest hole that can be drilled with a hand drill.
  7. The smallest amount of DNA that can be analyzed with a DNA test.
Placement of 0402 Chip Resistors

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