Raytheon Company has signaled its approval of OX3’s quality system for three more years beginning April 1, 2015, running through April 1, 2018.  My company’s senior management provided evidence of our commitment to the development and improvement of our quality management system by communicating to Raytheon OX3’s commitment to meeting their requirements.  We have an established quality policy and ensure that it is understood by all employees.  We have established quality objectives and conduct management reviews to address whether these are being realized.  We have ensured the availability of necessary resources and maintain continuous improvement programs such as Kaizen and actively support it.

Raytheon Company has been a valued client of OX3 since 1982 and continues to assess our ability to assist them as they protect our homeland, our allies, and international trade with state-of-the-art missile defense systems; cloak our U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and their international counterparts with top-tier electronic warfare systems; maintain world order with systems that direct artillery, route aircraft, and fly satellites; create and develop precision weapons therein avoiding casualties, reducing risk, and minimizing collateral damage.  “In a new era of warfare, Raytheon’s precision weapons are meeting the mission—hitting the target and nothing else.”

OX3 has demonstrated that we have capably:

    1. Achieved and maintained a high level of quality in OX3 products and services, evidenced by a decrease in the number of customer returns, a decrease in internal and external reworks, and by ensuring a high level of quality and delivery from OX3’s suppliers.
    2. Maintained a high on-time delivery of OX3 products and services.
    3. Continually improved OX3 services by conducting internal audits on a regular basis, by implementing an effective corrective / preventive action program and by maintaining the Kaizen program.
    4. Maximized customer satisfaction by first meeting and then exceeding their expectations.

OX3.com® provides engineering, processing and wholesaling of packaging required for the storage, transport, or handling of electronic devices and components.  These are typically tapes, trays, tubes, totes, reels or other fixtures.

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