OX3’s SMT REELWrap® continuous splicing tape is flat stock, without pockets, but does have sprocket holes, and is heat-sealed with cover tape.  You can safely splice this to your existing carriers in order to ship custom quantities of product.  See below for ordering information.

REX Carrier Tapes
OX3_PN Pocket_Description
OX3WB08 SMT Splicing Tape 08mm Heat-sealed 400mpr 14/Box OX3.
OX3WB12 SMT Splicing Tape 12mm Heat-sealed 400mpr 11/Box OX3.
OX3WB16 SMT Splicing Tape 16mm Heat-sealed 400mpr 8/Box OX3.
OX3WB24 SMT Splicing Tape 24mm Heat-sealed 400mpr 6/Box OX3.
OX3WB32 SMT Splicing Tape 32mm Heat-sealed 400mpr 4/Box OX3.
OX3WB44 SMT Splicing Tape 44mm Heat-sealed 400mpr 3/Box OX3.
OX3WB56 SMT Splicing Tape 56mm Heat-sealed 400mpr 2/Box OX3.