A Texas Instruments client has directed the Taiwanese manufacturer to sell one of its low-noise, high-speed operational amplifiers through OX3.  The Quad J-FET is made in an SOIC package style and is issued from the factory in Taiwan using ammo packaging.  Once in its warehouse, OX3 converts the packaging to tape and reel format.

The value proposition for an OCM such as T.I. is found in

  1. Providing these devices in tape and reel, the format required by its client, when the volumes are too low for T.I. to package it that way in-house.
  2. Shipping product directly to OX3 for taping and reeling, saving two trips by truck to the client.  The client used to drop-ship to OX3 who then returned it back to the client in final form.

OX3 was able to offer to T.I. and its client a savings in time, cost, and effort, all while adding value and improving their capabilities.