Welcome! and Thank you!

We want to welcome you to OX3.com, home to packaging for semiconductors.

OX3 engineers the packaging required for the storage, transport, or
handling of electronics. One of the top process houses in the U.S. based on
service revenues, OX3 serves the electronics industry with the materials
and labor required to bring components to the point of automated

OX3 handles a wide variety of devices, and rapidly responds to customer
demands for moving semiconductors from the point of manufacture to
the assembly line. These value-added services improve the production
efficiencies of factories who make a wide variety of products.

We look forward to working with you.


Gus G. Widmayer, President – LinkedIN/gwidmayer
進出口公司. 我們重視您的業務. 也祝您今天愉快!格斯
Valoramos su negocio. Que tenga buen día.
Veuillez-agréer l’expression de nos sentiments distinguées. Passez une belle journée.
Eine Import- und Export Firma. Wir machen gerne Geschäfte mit Ihnen.
Einen schönen Tag noch! Gus
Phone: (978) 772-2600, Ext. 9700
OX3® is an ISO 9001-2015 registered company.
OX3® – Adding value to semiconductors.® Linking electronics with packaging.®

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