OX3 serves nine distinct market segments as shown in the list below and on the accompanying presentation slide.  Click on the anagram below to learn more about how your industry can benefit from OX3’s products and services.

  1. OCM – Original Component Manufacturers
    1. OCM’s rely on OX3 to package components that they typically do not want to handle themselves.
    2. ISM’s – Integrated Semiconductor Manufacturers use OX3 for work beyond the capacity of their own packaging plants, (fab or fabless), and/or for specialty packaging.
  2. DBY – Distributors and Brokers
    1. Distributors turn to OX3 for support with low-volume or difficult applications.
  3. OSATS – Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test Services
  4. EMS – Electronics Manufacturing Services
  5. OEM – Defense and Aeronautics
  6. OEM – Automotive
  7. OEM – Industrial Electronics
  8. OEM – Consumer Electronics
  9. OEM – Computers and Office Equipment

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