Market Overview

OX3-ClientsOX3 serves nine distinct market segments as shown in the list below and on the accompanying presentation slide.¬† Click on the anagram below to learn more about how your industry can benefit from OX3’s products and services.

  1. OCM – Original Component Manufacturers
    1. OCM’s rely on OX3 to package components that they typically do not want to handle themselves.
    2. ISM’s – Integrated Semiconductor Manufacturers use OX3 for work beyond the capacity of their own packaging plants, (fab or fabless), and/or for specialty packaging.
  2. DBY – Distributors and Brokers
    1. Distributors turn to OX3 for support with low-volume or difficult applications.
  3. OSATS – Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test Services
  4. EMS – Electronics Manufacturing Services
  5. DFA – OEM – Defense and Aeronautics
    1. Our key aeronautics clients require flexibility and fast reaction to continual surprises coming from their manufacturing floors.
  6. OEM – Automotive
  7. OEM – Industrial Electronics
  8. OEM – Consumer Electronics
  9. OEM – Computers and Office Equipment

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