A Letter From Gus

Gus G. Widmayer

The longevity of the OX3 brand is testament to the confidence our clients place in our ability to transport semiconductors.  We do this in every way necessary to keep their assembly lines running.  We are America’s oldest family-owned and operated Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test (OSAT) company.

At our founding in 1972, the computing power of a semiconductor was approximately 2,000 transistors per each integrated circuit.  By 2018, that number has jumped to over 20 billion, a one-million-fold increase.  The effect of Moore’s Law, (the number of transistors will double every two years), also impacts processing speed and price.

What this means from a revenue perspective is that a single semiconductor – which once put a loaf of bread on our employees’ dinner tables – now only contributes a tiny crumb!  What has not changed in all that time is our penchant for process control.  When a client’s assembly line grinds to a halt due to a packaging mismatch, we jump into action.  There is no time to re-order.  OX3 is here to help.

One way we do this is through digital systems, (“DOP”).  OX3.com is now a “digital-first company,” and operates with its computing requirements entirely in the cloud.  Beginning on July 1, 2018, the company’s digital ecosystem incorporated a new DOP system as the final piece required to complete implementation of a digital strategy that we began three years prior.  In May of 2018, we began training on Microsoft’s new Dynamics-365 “Business Central” software to complement our Windows operating system in an Office-365 environment.  This ERP is linked and sync’d with Microsoft Dataverse, (CRM,) SharePoint, and OneDrive. We are now effectively an entirely digital office making us more nimble, responsive, and productive.  We also take advantage of the full suite of Adobe products through that provider’s Creative Cloud application. When everything works and integrates together, it’s a beautiful thing.  Future considerations will include the many digital touchpoints, such as cell phone apps,  as well as streamlining and upgrading our production environment to strengthen an already deep engagement with our clients.

OX3.com clients rely on our commitment to keep their production lines running.