Plastic Reels


A Unit of

We offer plastic take-up reels for use in the handling, transport, and storage of semiconductors and other electronic or mechanical components.

  • 13″ Reels, (330mm) with a 4″ core:
    • A 3-piece reel requires two flanges and one core, shipped in 3 boxes.
  • OX3A2508, Reel, 08mm 100/Kit 4in Hub, Black
  • OX3A2512, Reel, 12mm 100/Kit 4in Hub, Dark Blue
  • OX3A2516, Reel, 16mm 100/Kit 4in Hub, Dark Blue
  • OX3A2524, Reel, 24mm 100/Kit 4in Hub, Dark Blue
  • OX3A2532, Reel, 32mm   50/Kit 4in Hub, Dark Blue
  • OX3A2544, Reel, 44mm   50/Kit 4in Hub, Dark Blue
  • OX3A2556, Reel, 56mm   50/Kit 4in Hub, Dark Blue
  • OX3A2572, Reel, 72mm   50/Kit 4in Hub, Dark Blue
  • 07″ Reels, (178mm) with a 2″ core:
    • These are one-piece reels.
  • OX3R2808W for 318 pcs/box of 178mm x 08mm, White
  • OX3R2812W for 228 pcs/box of 178mm x 12mm, White
  • OX3R2816W for 174 pcs/box of 178mm x 16mm, White
  • OX3R2824W for 126 pcs/box of 178mm x 24mm,  White